Are you sick and Tired of Driving Suspended and Paranoid?
Are you getting turned down by jobs left & right?

Services and Support:

Traffic Violations

Change Me can help you with traffic violation disputes and help you get your license back and active.

Business Consultant

Let’s Change Me will help you register your business with the state, Apply for EIN, and business plan consultation.

Child Support

Let Change Me help you with your child support restoration. We can help you with structuring a payment plan that works for you.


Change Me can help you with garnishment wage disputes and help you get your payments down to a minimum amount.

Criminal Expungement

We consider all clients to be equal, so we help to get your criminal past expunged from your record so that you can apply for a good job.

Auto Accidents

Been in an auto accident? Let Change Me help you by referring you an attorney, physical therapy specialist, and other services.

Credit Restoration

We work hard and give our clients the best information and objective answers on the best credit restoration recourses to use.

DUI Appealing

When you need a team to work hard for your DUI conviction, Change Me is the consulting company to help you appeal your DUI.


Filing bankruptcy can be a problem and also make your credit score go down, but Change Me can help you get back on track.

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